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Save Time, Increase Confidence, Eliminate Fear

Follow a proven plan for success with cryptocurrency. This Simple Step by Step guide will take the confusion and fear out of your cryptocurrency experience. Following this guide will help you save time, avoid dangerous pitfalls, and reach your goals with crypto. You deserve to have success with this massive opportunity. Don't let the biggest transfer of wealth pass you by!
Easy As 1,2,3...

What You Will Learn

  • Basic Training: Understand Bitcoin, Blockchain, Taxes, Regulations, Wallets and More

  • Learn Low Risk Strategy & How To Diversify A Crypto Portfolio. Set Realistic Goals

  • Access & Establish Crucial Time Saving Resources And Tools. (With Tutorials)

G4G Treasure Box

Increase Confidence - Reduce Fear - Access Vital Resources

  • 1

    G4G Crypto Treasure Box - Introduction

    • A message from Justin.

    • Let's Start With A Fun Story..."Gold Mine"

    • How To Get The Most Out Of This Treasure Box

    • A Few Preliminary Thoughts For You...

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    • G4G Crypto Treasure Map- Overview (Slide Show)

  • 2

    G4G Crypto Treasure Box: Lesson 1 - Basic Training

    • Lesson Overview

    • What Is Bitcoin Exactly & Why All The Fuss?

    • What Is Blockchain?...And Why Does It Matter?

    • What is an AltCoin?

    • Crypto Wallets: What, Why & How

    • Taxes: What You Need To Know

    • Regulations: What You Need To Know

  • 3

    G4G Crypto Treasure Box: Lesson 2 - Realistic Goals

    • Lesson Overview

    • Set Realistic Goals

    • A Few Suggestions For Realistic Expectations...

    • How To Balance Your Crypto Portfolio - Strategy

    • Download Your Goal Sheet - Mark the "X" on your Treasure Map!

  • 4

    G4G Crypto Treasure Box: Lesson 3 - How To Open Essential Accounts

    • Lesson Overview: Time To Start Digging Treasure!!!

    • Setting Up A Coinbase Account

    • Coinbase Setup Tutorial

    • Setting Up A Binance Account

    • Binance Set Up Tutorial

    • Crypto Investment Plan & Strategy

    • How To Earn Interest With Crypto

    • A Bonus Strategy For Earning Interest!

    • How To Earn "Dividends" on your Crypto. (Staking)

    • Speculating...And Finding Diamonds In The Rough

    • How You Can Earn Free Crypto!

    • Bonus Resources

  • 5

    What To Do Next...

    • Well It Was A Fun Journey...

    • Additional Suggested Reading...

    • Where To Go From Here...

    • Can I Ask You For A Favor?

    • Before you go...

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Don't Blindly Invest!

By Greg Flory

"Justin's training material is laid out in a very logical way. He takes you from the first conceptual view of cryptocurrencies through the steps on how to get involved with investing in it as well as the surrounding ecosystems for this exciting new technology. If you are brand new to the crypto world or already have a deeper understanding, you will benefit from learning how all of this works together. You don't want to blindly invest in something you don't understand. Let Justin explain it and help you navigate. You won't regret it."

Meet Your Guide


Justin Wrathall

Justin is passionate about helping his students become successful with cryptocurrency. He believes that the biggest transfer of wealth we will see in our lifetime has already begun. He also believes that right now is the best time to position ourselves to take advantage of the trend. He has been actively involved with blogging, training, and onboarding newcomers for several years.